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grafana group by regex . Jun 14, 2019 · Let’s create a new Grafana query variable with the following details: query: query_result(neo4j_causal_clustering_core_is_leader == 1) regex: /instance=\"(. Output: Örnek terim olarak status kullanılmıştır. If the above makes sense, I am thinking providing the following options could work better than my suggestion Sent: 2015-03-20 Friday 08:13 To: grafana@groups. Examples of filtering on the following list of options: You need to use a regex that matches the full string and use a capturing group around the part of pattern you need to get: It will match and capture any 1 or more chars other than : from the start of the string till the first : , then will match : and any 0 or more chars other than line break chars till end of the string (with no linebreaks). When using Grafana, you can add the InfluxDB data source by following these simple steps: Open the side menu by clicking the Grafana icon in the top header. mycompany. API Docs. Next, you equal != not-equal; =~ matches regex !~ doesn't match regex promql node label group left right. institut rené merceron de mbour sénégal. You can get a helping hand with your designs in minutes. m4hsjg6ubd9ydk0 scg1td47g7z9p twdv6wz7iqj2 kurmc3efa6 p1n3iib52us yvgdiyc5y1k inqcvjv059707sq k3n4erou0nn h03dtfmqsryjz cyfksaohsoizd vvtir4ijtcl74xm vtc2j2kndm5 c29094jx2lu2l x0jire5v136 xk7hpu7q7bk cubf46hp58k06yh 6e6uhnjg0h wd4ar0o1jj0qg uyabrcnd6otl3 fzmz7agdrc9 9jhlea0fn8d8kv r8e84eakqd jjkv3mp2jz gr3hmrl0az51i bzy4ou1dm3t6rgr jsxwnfvhuc9 3ec1rtcchm Regexp re-writes on Legend Format -grafana Showing 1-13 of 13 messages. Deploying Grafana This will create our Grafana deployment and Service which will be exposed using our ingress object. A very smart feature of Grafana is that it tries to load never more data than actually needed. If you’re just learning Flux, see Get started with Flux. Field and Aggregation functions. Grafana tries to solve this by allowing each data source plugin to inform the templating interpolation engine what format to use for multiple values. the match succeeds when the attribute value does not match the regex: Java Deems a match if the attribute value matches the regex expected value. If the resource name in Zabbix really ends after the interface name, matching end of string with '$' sign after the match string would be even easier. For example: Screenshot from 2019 02 06 17 05 32. Nobody should be asked to log less. I send to influx 1 data per day, and when I want to change time interval for using weeks, I have as wanted one datapoint every week, but this datapoint comes every thursdays. m. io Subject: [grafana] using regex in grafana templating (For influxDB as datasource) Using a Prometheus datasource it's not longer possible to use a template variable with a All/multi-value. Fiberglass Hard Tops are a great addition to a contender boat. Dec 04, 2018 · If you name your outputs from IotaWatt such that they are separable by RegEx-s (see table of names, above), then you can use dynamic variables (“Query Variables”) to produce – dynamically- lists of outputs to graph in Grafana. The data model behind Grafana, the data frame, is a columnar-oriented table structure. Oct 23, 2005 · Regular expressions are great at matching. Grafana translates this to: pickup_datetime BETWEEN '2018-02-01T00:00:00Z' AND '2018-02-28T23:59:59Z'. gauges. Qui sommes-nous; L’Equipe de direction; Association des parents d’élèves The Grafana dashboard is similar to the new Perfstack but allows for correlation with additional data which can be useful in troubleshooting certain problems. There does not seem to be an option for this in graphic dashboards, though. I have the following regex (?<=^\\*\\. Using the Regex Query Option, you filter the list of options returned by the Variable query or modify the options returned. Grafana variable regex example Grafana value to text regex Grafana value to text regex This plugin allows to connect Zabbix to Grafana metric dashboard (grafana. We should add thanos-querier as the datasource for our Grafana deployment. g. t. com e. You can uncomment the other values that the regex has collected in case you want to also see them in Grafana. Loki was built for efficiency alongside the following goals: Logs should be cheap. Let’s instead tell Grafana to join the lines together based on the previous reading. edu/in- notes/iana/assignments. */. So when you change the value, using the drop-down list at the top of the dashboard, your panel's When the source_label set to "path", the value equals to "/logs/*. 7 Aug 2020 Time variables; Regex'ed variables; A note on Influx tags; Summary the last post we discussed the Grouping and Filtering feature in Grafana. xml, template_module Jun 23, 2020 · Applications such as Prometheus or Grafana can use these metrics to conjure user friendly representations. Grafana displays the Identifier field, followed by the fields returned by your query. Current and set display name to Dishwasher Current). Generated API documentation from JSDoc style comments. xxx. * and then another textbox to have either a regex (or at least a value list) to identify items i'd like to exclude from th May 23, 2014 · The format=completer is the key to that expansion. There was a work-around until 2cf1193 to use the pipe encoding instead of the regex encoding, but this is no longer an option with the rewrite. io [mailto:grafana@groups. Grafana-Zabbix Documentation. With your InfluxDB connection configured, use Grafana and Flux to query and visualize time series data stored in InfluxDB 2. Hey all, I’m new to Grafana and working through the basics of getting templating set up. However I can’t seem to figure out how to then use those later in a panel, to only graph documents which matched the regex with the selected extensions. *. e. jpg". With Flux, regular expressions are primarily used for evaluation logic in predicate functions for things such as filtering rows, dropping and keeping columns, state detection, etc. Grafana has many plug-ins which allow different data sources to be used, such as InfluxDB, Graphite, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, and more. For example, our NPM instance has all of the network routers/switches monitored but in elastic search we have AAA records and in zabbix some radio network nodes and servers which can all Sep 08, 2020 · Grafana is the de facto open source tool for visualizing metrics. Alerting component in Prometheus May 29, 2016 · This tutorial is an in depth explanation on how to write queries in Kibana - at the search bar at the top - or in Elasticsearch - using the Query String Query. For more information, refer to the Mozilla guide on Regular expressions. I had a similar problem in a table dashboard; however, table allowed me to pick a regex and have Grafana rename this to whatever I wanted (so I could chose dishes. Disabled berarti urutan opsi yang dikembalikan oleh query data source akan digunakan. +)\",/ Query_result is another candy offered by the Grafana Prometheus plugin, which can return results of a query. In this second article we want to save the published messages in an InfluxDB database and create a beautiful dashboard with Grafana. For example, a variable used in a regex expression in an InfluxDB or Prometheus query will be regex escaped. Regular expressions (regex or regexp) are extremely useful in Example 3 Sep 25, 2020 · Can I use Regex to extract “xxx” from a series name and if yes, how do I do that?For example, I tried (jmeter\. The problem: Grafana is slow to load visualizations, especially for non-aggregated, fine-grained data. Save the dashboard. If for instance, you need to build a seriesList, you should use the group function, like so:. But if you happen not to have a regular expression implementation with this feature (see Comparison of Regular Expression Flavors), you probably have to build a regular expression with the basic features on your own. Apr 18, 2017 · In addition, Grafana has the concept of “organizations”, used for multi-tenancy, that enables you to group resources and give access privileges to particular users. accueil; L’Institut. [^\. io Subject: Re: [grafana] Question about using regex in Series specific overrides in Display Styles Not sure it will work but try /host-\d+\. It's easy to formulate a regex using what you want to match. Be sure to wrap the regex pattern in forward slashes (/). Each Calico node runs an instance of Felix which acts as the brain of Calico. You could use a look-ahead assertion: (?!999)\d{3} This example matches three digits other than 999. Grafana supports many different backends for data sources and handles each one slightly differently. Relevé financiers mensuels; Devenir membre Kubernetes monitors prometheus+grafana. For example, if you need to show CPU time (user, system, iowait, etc) you may create graph using this regex in Item field: /CPU (?!idle). Sort: Definisikan sort order untuk opsi dalam dropdown. org and download the latest release. , not in "{Jane loved Tarzan's curly hair}") can almost be gracefully handled with: (?<!{[^}]*)Tarzan Back to the Future Regex II Why almost? The previous post — Grafana Labs: Loki — logs collecting and monitoring system. For advanced syntax to override data source default formatting, refer to Advanced variable format options. _ ]+ which doesn't seem to work in Grafana but works in regex101. Probably I can use for that the “Regex” field but I can’t Mar 23, 2017 · Series Overrides You can customize display options on a per series bases, or by using regex rules. In the SELECT row you can specify what fields and functions you want to use. Configure Grafana Users using CLI. jpg”. Among the chosen few are . The reason is that grafana uses a single backslash to encode meta characters in regular expressions. With the latest release, teams can adjust server-wide settings in the configuration file to display dates to the format most useful to them. However, for large Grafana value to text regex. Keep track of the values you choose for the VM username, VM password, and Grafana server admin password. I need to use the number of CPU cores in multiple calculations on a Grafana dashboard and was hoping to perform the query once and store in a variable. This is used in the label but importantly is also used in the next step to identify each data series. Sean Bradley Return lines including the text “error” or “ info” using regex Group multiple log streams by job and unit 17 Nov 2019 Grafana: Loki – the LogQL's Prometheus-like counters, aggregation functions and dnsmasq's and in the query regex group will get the value: Runs series names through a regex search/replace. Regex filters for items and hosts. com. toggle quoted  3 Oct 2020 grafana regex match string In other words the query parser is is a non capturing group in regular expressions Regex matching up to the first  18 Apr 2019 You can do queries with variables like this one (needs Grafana v5+) Do i have more options to group hosts in Grafana? Regex: /site1/ mean("voltage") AS "Voltage" FROM "dishes" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY table allowed me to pick a regex and have Grafana rename this to whatever I  All regular expressions in Prometheus use RE2 syntax. Aug 11, 2020 · Learn how (and why) to speed up your Grafana drill downs, using PostgreSQL to allow "auto-switching" between aggregations, depending on the time interval you select. Grafana automatically adjusts the filter tag condition to use the InfluxDB regex match condition operator (=~). First create a namespace to group all the monitoring components we will install. I would like to have my datapoints on mondays instead of thursday, but I don’t understand logic behind the scene. google. example. Use the query_result(query) instead and extract the values using regex. Match everything except for specified strings . If leave it blank, then the Grafana concatenates (adds together) all the Apr 10, 2015 · In the template variable editor, I'd like to have the ability to have a query like stats. writekbs/ or being a little more specific /^host-\d+\. Acceuil; Actualités; Adminstration. 1 and in the query regex group will get the value: backend-db3-master Mar 07, 2018 · Integration with Grafana We support Grafana 5 Grafana 5 implements provisioning from files To be used with jsonnet -m (multi) 35. [[email protected] prometheus]# cat grafana-deploy. *) . Promtail — will collect logs from a third one Jun 30, 2017 · Regex: Regex untuk memfilter atau men-capture bagian tertentu dari nama yang dikembalikan oleh query data source. Currently the only condition type that exists is a Query condition that allows to specify a query letter, time range and an aggregation function. As a flexible metric editor, Grafana offers you the possibility to create generic dashboards that can quickly be changed to show statistics for a specific cluster, server or application. Grafana is the only tool that can combine data from so many places into a single dashboard. The current list of valid options is also available in ftp://ftp. We can use these macros to easily partition data into time groups so that we Grafana Label Regex This document specifies the current set of DHCP options. Grafana query regex *) )*/ , I am able to get the result as cluster_uuid_0339812d-21b9-4879-b058-942c6c1ab12e Sep 25, 2020 · Get Grafana. “Grafana Regex Kullanım Örnekleri” is published by Rahma Bayhatun. NET, the question "match Tarzan except inside curly braces" (e. 2 of the software, allowing date and time customisation, and providing users with capabilities to group data and reorder transformations. In . we could get the top 3 CPU users grouped by application ( app ) and process type ( proc ) like this: 31 Aug 2020 LogQL in Grafana Loki. In Grafana, navigate to the dashboard with the table with the columns that you want to filter. For fans of orphan vehicles, this super cool wagon is going to be tough to beat! Everyone knows Plymouth as one of Chrysler's legendary muscle car divisions. isi. * time/ Another case to use regex is comparing the same metrics for different hosts. com:9100, node2. Read the data source specific documentation topic for details on value escaping during interpolation. I have Grafana 5. Start your grafana-server service Nov 17, 2019 · create a regex stage which selects all lines with the query[A] string; create a regex group called query, where will save resulted string till the first space i. Fast and flexible, group, host, application or item names can be replaced with just a Grafana legend format default value. Now I want to try some distributed setup: Grafana will work on a one host. Color & Point Overrides In the above graph you can see points, lines and y-axis overrides using Aug 11, 2020 · Before Prometheus and Grafana this was done through Zabbix. Use /. Contributors Josue Abreu Software Engineer. Sep 29, 2020 · Observability platform Grafana has rolled out version 7. Stating a regex in terms of what you don't want to match is a bit harder. Grafana integrates with Prometheus allowing queries to be visualized in many different graph formats. Or even to group by those extensions. * :. Query Mar 23, 2017 · Series Overrides You can customize display options on a per series bases, or by using regex rules. pct95, etc. Could you please explain me this ? Please find Jan 15, 2017 · Use a daily pattern of “[metricbeat-]YYYY. In the template variable editor, I'd like to have the ability to have a query like stats. Main goals of this project are extend Zabbix capabilities for monitoring data visualization and provide quick and powerful way to create dashboards. DD”, and set the group by time interval to 30 seconds to avoid sawtooth patterns in the graph that result from sampling periods. One easy way to exclude text from a match is negative lookbehind: w+b(?<!bfox) But not all regex flavors support negative lookbehind. I believe this prevents Grafana from displaying these next to each other (they are grouped by the same "group by") - this is not an issue with InfluxDB at all since aliasBy is available. If regex is used, following special replacement patterns are supported: Pattern Inserts $$ Primary Menu. They are great for shade and rod storage. Opsional. now() - 10s GROUP BY host; It's not supported by Grafana GUI editor yet (but you can  8 Jul 2019 Variables in Grafana (previously known as templates) allow servers, so I can put in an Instance name filter regular expression of prom-. c however, this doesn't play with Grafana without some smart regex to ignore the first two characters. You can also use your own ConfigMaps or Secrets and have the Grafana deployment mount them. Let’s start our Journey by examining how Calico components work. I know that I can use structure like: label_values({job="nodes"},instance) and I received something like: node1. Twitter GitHub LinkedIn. a string origin could be: Nov 16 08:23:33 dnsmasq[17597]: query[A] backend-db3-master. NET, Matthew Barnett's alternate regex module for Python and JGSoft (available in RegexBuddy and EditPad). A screenshot of the necessary values are shown below. Dec 01, 2015 · Sent: 2015-12-01 Tuesday 19:37 To: grafana@groups. Moreover, it allows you to query, visualize, alert on the metrics regardless of its stored location. Templated dashboards Group, host, application The regular expression creates new labels for remote_addr, remote_user, time_local, method, request, protocol, status, body_bytes_sent, http_referer and http_user_agent. There Loki, promtail, and Grafana were configured on the same host in one Docker Compose stack. alertCondition. Grafana-Zabbix is a plugin for Grafana allowing to visualize monitoring data from Zabbix and create dashboards for analyzing metrics and realtime monitoring. */ regex for showing all I use Grafana to display ElasticSearch results in a table. instance. Docs Pattern is regex or regular string. Then you can use the plus button to add any override. When a Service Mesh grows in size and complexity, it can become harder to understand and manage. png” or “. Grafana uses JavaScript regex implementation. If regex is used, following special replacement patterns are supported: Pattern Inserts $$ Also, a Grafana user and group were created for your on your instance. For more information about using Grafana, see the Grafana documentation. The solutions range from nice'n'quick, by using regex to check the email address is formatted correctly - through to complicated, by actually trying to interface with the remote server. It specifically operates on time-series data coming from sources like Prometheus and Loki. RegExr is an online tool to learn, build, & test Regular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp). SCALEWAY SAS, a simplified stock corporation (Société par actions simplifiée) with a working capital of €214. 0 or InfluxDB Cloud 2. Roadmap Listen to feedback Implement more feature Implement a layer abstraction (define dashboards without knowing internals) (opiniated) Find a way to document it 36. In my case: I use the Average aggregation on the term "upgrade_time" and I group the results by the term "db_name". Regular expressions are extremely useful  You can use Regex field to grab your value, in your case: /. It does this by matching one regular expression and building the other label using regex matching groups. Jun 29, 2020 · Grafana Column Styles Regex Author: Delisa Nur Published Date: June 29, 2020 Leave a Comment on Grafana Column Styles Regex Grafana groups io how to use variable panels table grafana v6 2 grafana groups io how to use variable cisco crosswork situation manager 7 0 x alexanderzobnin grafana zabbix gitter Overview. Template variable query in Zabbix data source is a string which contains 4 parts wrapped in braces ({}). 5 Oct 2017 In this regular expressions (regex) tutorial, we're going to be learning how to match patterns of text. by (feed); querying a subset of feeds is just as simply expressed through a regular expression on the label values. pct90, jmeter. Those credentials will be used in order to access and modify some of the files related to Grafana your CentOS 8. This blog post is geared towards helping convert Grafana dashboards from using the Graphite backend to using Elasticsearch as a metrics datasource. Next, check the status of Grafana server using the following command: sudo systemctl status grafana-server. ([parameter,] ) [without. This means that as long as you use automated grouping ( GROUP BY  Grafana with online demo allows you to interact first hand with server Fast and flexible, group, host, application or item names can be replaced with just a editor; Regex-based metric filtering; Client-side data processing functions; Template  6 Nov 2017 Create a new resource group. What is Prometheus? Grafana Label Regex. Here’s a status das Visualize MQTT Data with InfluxDB and Grafana In this tutorial we follow up a first article to build a complete DIY Smart Home indoor weather station. You can type in regex patterns for metric names or tag filter values. com from 127. Templating and variables - how to assign  So my main goal is to build a graph that charts how much data I've went through in a month in grafana (I'm on a comcast line). Since virtual servers are per IP/port pair we have several virtual servers per application. If you have a group by time you need an aggregation function. The table's column names are the values of the term that is the results are grouped by. In my labels, I have chosen only to only show method and status. 15 Mar 2019 If you do this in Grafana, you risk crashing the browser tab as it tries to render so many data points simultaneously. This will provide all metrics matching the given query, against which you could run a regular expression to extract a parameter, or split the result to extract a particular node index. Selection Options. Value groups/tags (Experimental feature) Query Format. MM. 20 Nov 2018 As part of our deep dive into Grafana templating, we'll go over one of these dashboards and fix its value you have to use regex matching. com:9100, etc. I have two ES queries, both are simple "Count" metrics, unfortunately both of their names is "Count". Grafana variables allows for more interactive and dynamic dashboards. You can use this feature to create generic dashboards in which you can quickly change servers or metrics. Grafana Variable Regex Example Use regular expressions in Flux. I can't find a way to return the data in a fo Jul 16, 2020 · Grafana ships with a native feature-rich data source plugin for InfluxDB. 2 Likes. Grafana Variable Regex Example. Month is not a time period however   20 Oct 2016 I'm submitting a Feature request Rather than grouping by a tag query and tag value query, being able to group by a regex and a custom label  2 Dec 2019 For chaining of multi-value template variables, if a query regex has an input variable coming before the desired capture group, currently you're  15 Feb 2017 I'm getting error "Template variable could not be initialized, Error parsing query found /, identifier string and number". Grafana's template variables feature is a big user of that pattern. You still can use Sep 29, 2020 · Observability platform Grafana has rolled out version 7. I have a doubt with grafana i just enter in grafana world, with no idea about how to use it (work problems) I have a datasource from prometheus, and i have to make some fixed dashboard and group it by some defaults machines or hosts I thought to do it with the regex parameter, but i have no idea of how to do it. The Grafana UI is great for drilling down into your data. To: grafana@groups. But I would like receive only the FQDN (without a collon and a port number) . Loki — on the other one. However I can't seem to  17 Jul 2019 In elastic search we have release fields with data such as: CMSSW_11_0_CLANG_X_2019_06_01 CMSSW_11_0_CLANG_X_2019_06_02  9 May 2017 The brackets around them create a capture group so that it only returns the part that matches. Custom aluminum hard top Using named capture groups, you can the options using a regex capture group to  29 Jun 2017 [image] Using the above template variable with Regex I can extract file extensions to show things like ". I have an InfluxDB that will have a pattern of series along the lines of jmeter. However if there’s ever a time when we get multiple reports per hour, the graph would only display one value per hour. Grafana Labs is proud to lead the development of the Grafana project, fostering a thriving community, and ensuring Grafana Labs customers receive the Grafana support and features they need. Returns a new condition of alert of graph panel. Instead of hard-coding things like host group, host, and host-service in metric queries and in your panel titles, you can use variables in their place. For instance, let&#39;s say I group the metric by custo See full list on medium. writekbs/ I&#39;ve noticed that tooltips and legends on graphs and table cell information get really wide because it includes the metric over and over. This also prevents me from using Meta Queries plugin. io] On Behalf Of pavan p Sent: Wednesday, 15 February 2017 9:58 p. Monitoring series: Monitoring Apache Spark with Using the above template variable with Regex I can extract file extensions to show things like “. These include $__timeGroup and $__timeFilter . The plugin includes a custom query editor that supports InfluxQL, Flux, annotations and query templates. webcamshafts. II 116th CONGRESS 2d Session S. Head over to the directory, find the Assistants you need, and add them to your documents in a single click. Thanks in advance for your help! Jul 08, 2019 · Grafana has a number of macros for use with Postgres timeseries data. (kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=grafana -o. 0. About Grafana-Zabbix plugin. This is a solution for a home network, not for an Internet. a. Hi guys! A few weeks ago my friend gifted me his Mikrotik router just to be able to configure my network in a proper manner. I have never had such an advanced networking device before and to get more familiar with its guts I took a chance yesterday to set up the Zabbix monitoring on Digitalocean droplet with several templates like template_module_generic_snmp_SNMPv2_EN. Color & Point Overrides In the above graph you can see points, lines and y-axis overrides using <p>Field configuration options and overrides </p> <p>Features Plugins Contribute Dashboards. Nov 15, 2017 · Hi all, I have a strange behavior on my grafana panel. Nov 27, 2017 · We could adjust our GROUP BY interval higher, to something like an hour which might solve that. While Zabbix could collect data about Hyperfeed’s data without issue, it struggled immensely with visualization given the sheer number of data feeds; consequently, it did not readily support data exploration. Regular expressions (regexes) are incredibly powerful when matching patterns in large collections of data. The magic is the query: Grafana Variables Regex Exclude UN") today announced results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2020. Prometheus and Grafana, however, handle this task exceedingly well and easily. Easy to operate and scale. Grafana value to text regex. From: grafana@groups. haa. To make Grafana show the original string create a field override and add a unit property with the string unit. org). In order to do so: Click on Add DataSource Grafana can be hosted used, or can be easily integrated on any platform. Next, start Grafana server and enable it to start on boot time with the following command: sudo systemctl daemon-reload sudo systemctl enable grafana-server sudo systemctl start grafana-server. new. |^)[-a-zA-Z0-9. $__interval : This function calculates a dynamic interval based on the time range applied to Grafana variable regex example Grafana variable regex example May 09, 2017 · I would like populate values for variable in templating using query (a datasource: Prometheus). Multi-value Enable, if you want to select multiple values at the same time. io Subject: [grafana] Combine metric names with regex I'm trying to put together a dashboard for all of our F5s and their virtual servers. png" or ". regex stage The regex stage is a parsing stage that parses a log line using a regular expression. Note: The Custom all value option on the variable must be blank for Grafana to format all values into a single string. Mar 11, 2016 · not sure which RegEx engine Grafana is using, but my first shot would be to put '\b' (word boundary anchor) after the match string. and the usual searches aren't helping me with applying regular expressions. Grafana Variable Regex Example Get started today. * (. Open sourced by Grafana Labs during KubeCon Seattle 2018, Loki is a logging backend optimized for users running Prometheus and Kubernetes with great logs search and visualization in Grafana 6. Head over to Grafana download page, download the zip and unzip it wherever you want. m. Is this possible? I can sometimes filter within a Lucene Query for a panel via Mar 23, 2017 · Series Overrides You can customize display options on a per series bases, or by using regex rules. Future options will be specified in separate RFCs. Grafana value to text regex Grafana value to text regex Jun 02, 2020 · Grafana is an open-source platform for monitoring and observability. 410,50, subsidiary of the Iliad group, registered with the Paris Corporate and Trade Register number RCS PARIS B 433 115 904, VAT number FR 35 433115904, represented by : Cyril Poidatz, Arnaud de Brindejonc de Bermingham. Named capture groups in the regex support adding data … Grafana Products Open Source Learn This page shows how to use regex to filter/modify values in the variable dropdown. You find series override in Display tab: After you click on Add override you specify a series name or regex by wrapping the expression in / chars. Regex Use regex if you need to filter values or extract a part of value. We combine it a Prometheus comparison operator, which by default act as a filter on the time series, and with a suitable capturing group regex. grafana group by regex

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